We move to Georgia and look what happens… my children have joined fight between north and south.

So they may be about 152 years late and on the wrong side. But what’s important here is they want to be a part of something and it’s an extra-curricular activity.

Okay… so have you ever seen such HAMMY children? I didn’t even have to beg them to do this. I didn’t put the hats on them or say, “Why don’t you hold the wooden pretend weapons and look like you’re in the Civil War for Mom?”

Instead, they begged me to take their picture looking all “civil war serious.” I was even told that I needed to put the picture in black and white or sepia so it would look more “legitimate.”

I like eggs with my ham.

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So, where ya been?

Me? Oh you know…not a lot:

– worked
– went through a hotel ownership change (again)
– worked a lot more
– coached cheer leading (I know, I couldn’t believe it either)
– lost weight
– gained it back
– got divorced
– worked some more
– lost a dog (I miss you, Buddy)
– co-lead girl scouts
– adopted a new dog (naughty Napo)
– visited my Dad
– scrapped a few pages
– visited with friends
– replaced a water heater
– fixed the air conditioning (twice)
– fixed the car (twice)
– dented the car (oops)
– worked some more
– met someone special

See, not much.



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I think they played baseball that night, too

Tuesday was an extremely stressful day. I haven’t even mentioned my (mis)adventures on getting to the actual baseball stadium (unintentionally visited some reallllly interesting areas of downtown Atlanta).

All of that disappeared when these kids took the field to sing the Canadian and USA National Anthems.

How cute are they? Mack is the one in the middle, hair in a ponytail. (loose skirt)

Here she is again, singing her little heart out. (middle left)

Close-up of the jumbo-tron image.

How cool was that? I’m sure it’s something she’s going to remember forever. I asked her what it was like to walk out on that field and sing in front of thousands of people. She said “scary.”

They sounded terrific and looked amazing! All the parents were super-proud. We gave the kids a standing ovation when we met them after the performance. They were so great! I can freely admit I got a bit teary-eyed hearing them sing. (then again, I get teary-eyed at just about every one of my kids’ performances)

After they sang, I became the crazy Mom yelling MACKENZIE! MACKENZIE! MAH-KEN-ZIEEEEE!!

I’m sure Mack was just as proud of me at that moment.

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Tip for Bloggers: SpongeBob

To get more visitors to your blog, try this tip:

Mention SpongeBob somewhere in your blog title or blog subject matter & the people will come a’calling.

For example, the following search terms were typed into a computer:

spongebob without water, spongebob fancy, spongebob at sandy’s house

and were probably surprised and/or disgusted to come upon my little bloggity-blog. Some time ago I composed a piece of rambling nonsense on this-here blog about me and my similarity to the square sponge. Who knew that it would reap such rewards!?

Hello SpongeBob Fans! Welcome! I, too, am a fan of SpongeBob and his misadventures under the sea.

I’m thinking that with as many times as I’ve mentioned SpongeBob in THIS post, I should get at approximately, oh, I don’t know,  two or three more visitors. At least. Dontcha think?

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Dear Single Moms: I am not worthy.

I’m having one of those days. You know, those days… the kind of day that makes you wish you could go back to bed and start over. And maybe you wouldn’t necessarily choose the bed in your own house… but a bed far, far away where it’s quiet and peaceful and it’s a place where children don’t wake you up in the middle of the night when they can’t sleep. (I am perfectly capable of sleeping through the night… why wake me up when you can’t sleep? So both of us can’t sleep??)

So my sweet, angelic daughter is requesting a khaki skirt two days before she has to wear it as part of her chorus uniform. A khaki skirt? No problem, I say, I can find one of those anywhere. I have also been given specific instructions on what to pick up for their Dad’s birthday present. Okay, fine.

Birthday present: done and check

Khaki skirt: Gap? Nope, not in season. Justice? Only online. Target? Nowhere to be found in the childrens section.

I get home at 8:30pm, limping in my high heels that I’ve been running around in at work all day, with the smallest adult sized khaki skirt Target had available, and all I want to do is put on pajamas and lay down. But I can’t… the dog needs to go out, the kids are about to get home, and I have a mattress being delivered tomorrow.

The skirt is too big on her. Naturally. I anticipated this, because I am the epitome of SuperMom, so I bought two belts. The belts, however, are too small, because I SUCK at being SuperMom. Safety pins are called in & clothes are set out for the next morning with the ticket for the event on the top.

I begin vacuuming the carpet in the bedroom to prepare for the mattress arrival & furniture is moved around to accomodate my bigger & more plush bed. (Yay!) Kids are getting ready for bed & I am online trying to figure out how to pay bills. 

Then I treat myself to a video chat with a bestie because I totally deserve it. (Hi Jen!) We stay up way too late gabbing about everything and nothing & then it’s time for sleep.

The next morning I wake up (video chat hangover) groggy and get the girl up too. She’s going to her friends house where she will be spending the day & traveling with her to the chorus event. (I’ll be meeting her there later)

This is the time she chooses to tell me that she needs to wear dark shoes and the dark shoes she has do not fit her. (I’ll have to write a separate post on the size of that girl’s feet & how fast they are growing another time)

**Insert Mom-who-is-about-to-lose-her-already-frail-mind here.**

I am getting myself ready, making sure she is dressed and ready & that she has her chorus clothes (and safety pin) ready to go, move the mattress I’ve been sleeping on out of the way for the new one, take the dog out (freakin’ dog), and not forget the change of clothes *I* need so I’m not sitting outside in the heat of summer wearing a cardigan sweater set. And my camera because I must over-document this moment for scrapbooking and blogging purposes.

We find two pairs of shoes that may or may not be considered dark enough and/or dress code appropriate (sandals?) and I wake up the boy to take out the dog.  Whew. Okay… moving right along.

I remind Mack to get a hairbrush to take with her along with her uniform & the two pairs of shoes so she can decide later which ones she will wear. I gather my own stuff to leave. I see her with a bag and ask her what she did with the uniform (because it was on hangers). She tells me she (stuffed) put them in the bag. I tell her to takethemoutofthebagrightnow because I didn’t want them to wrinkle. ohmygosh.

We are walking out the door (late) and she asks me about the tickets. I gasp in panic. Tickets?! Her ticket was on the floor in her room from where it fell after I took the clothes off her dresser and put on her hanger. My ticket was on the floor (behind my mattress) from where it fell when I grabbed my purse.

Bless that child.

We finally leave the house. I drop her off at her friends house & ask her Mom to offer her opinion on the shoes & would you please pin her too big skirt. She’s gracious and sweet and says, of course she will. Thank you so much to Moms who are gracious and sweet and kind.

Then I high-tail it to work. (only 12 minutes late – not too bad)

So yes, I really would like to go to bed… not my old bed… no, no, my new bed, which is being delivered between 3:00pm and 7:00pm this evening, which is perfect because everyone who lives in that house will be at the CHORUS EVENT for my daughter and not home waiting for a mattress.


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What’s new with you?

Kids are great distractions. Mackenzie has always known how to make me smile or take my mind off of the tough stuff. On this particular-very-tough-day, she asked me if I wanted to take pictures of her. A willing model? Why yes, thankyouverymuch.

Here are a few of them:

This one is my all-time favorite of the bunch…

They may not be technically perfect… but I’m still learning.

And thankfully, some days my model has the patience to let me try different things until I think I get it right. (“some days” being the key phrase in that sentence)

The one above is our “music video” picture… thanks to the air handler blowing up at her face.

I wish I knew how to use Photoshop – I think I could play with the colors a little more and make it look more stylish. Her eyes were so amazing in this light – I didn’t want to change too much. (oh, and besides, I don’t have photoshop)

She’s pretty cute. Even if she’s playing the soundtrack to “Lemonade Mouth” overandoverandoverandover again these days. Like, a lot. Seriously. It’s on constant replay.

The whole camera adjustment stuff is still baffling me… I’m so confused with f/stops and ISO. I’m trying to figure it all out. I believe the problem is that they both have to do with NUMBERS and I am definitely NOT a numbers girl.

These pictures were taken in Historic Roswell. One plus for this part of Georgia – lots of cool places with beautiful scenery and textures for pictures.

Maybe I’ll go and play with these photos some more… and maybe I’ll look into some more photography classes. In the meantime, I’m still looking for willing models to take my mind off the changes in my life right now. Any takers?

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It’s not their fault; they come by it naturally.

I tend to be a bit on the competitive side. You would know this if you’ve ever played a board game or card game with me. If you ask me a random question, I will find out the answer… and if it has to do with pop culture, WATCH OUT! I LOVE pop culture questions! And if, heaven-forbid we are doing some sort of team-building exercise, I will make sure that my. team. wins. 

When it comes to competitiveness, I identify with Monica from “Friends”: “My team ALWAYS wins!”

(Side note: do you italicize or put quotes around television show titles? I get all that grammar stuff confused.)

The kids and I have always enjoyed our fair share of games. It started with Candy Land, Chutes and Ladders, you know… simple child games. Unfortunately for them, I would usually forget that I was playing with a toddler or pre-schooler. The competitiveness would take over and I would (of course) win the game… probably do some sort of victory cheer or dance… and then look over at the disappointed, pouty face of my child.


So… my darling children have been raised with a strong competitive spirit. Ahem.

Lately, that strong competitive spirit has combined with sibling rivalry and mixed with a dash of pre-teen attitude. That being said, I was not surprised to find something like this in the hallway:

This isn’t the first time I’ve seen this sort of thing. Afterall, we also had our own Presidential elections.  

Didn’t you?

I think this vote was much more vital to my everyday life than that presidential one. Research was conducted, ballots were printed, and the only lobbyist I had was a blue-eyed girl who wanted me to vote her way.

I told her that I needed to vote with my heart, especially over something this important.

My team won.


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