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Lots of changes coming up this year. Lots. This may be the changiest (just made that word up) year ever. The first change? A new job. Not just a new job. A new industry. After twenty years working in the … Continue reading

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Tired of being so tired.

Madeline Kahn sang a song in Blazing Saddles called “I’m tired of being so tired” and that’s exactly how I feel these days. I am tired all the time. Like, even if I get a full eight hours of sleep, … Continue reading

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Excessive, much?

I returned from vacation and realized that I took 1,097 photos in the seven days I was away. That was on one camera. That doesn’t count the 30+ photos I took on my phone (the ones I chose to have … Continue reading

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The Worst Beach Ever

Carolina Beach, Puerto Rico I do believe I have found paradise. My “tour guide” said this was the worst beach ever – too crowded, too noisy. I loved it…maybe because of that There was music playing the entire time thanks … Continue reading

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We move to Georgia and look what happens… my children have joined fight between north and south.

So they may be about 152 years late and on the wrong side. But what’s important here is they want to be a part of something and it’s an extra-curricular activity.

Okay… so have you ever seen such HAMMY children? I didn’t even have to beg them to do this. I didn’t put the hats on them or say, “Why don’t you hold the wooden pretend weapons and look like you’re in the Civil War for Mom?”

Instead, they begged me to take their picture looking all “civil war serious.” I was even told that I needed to put the picture in black and white or sepia so it would look more “legitimate.”

I like eggs with my ham.

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So, where ya been?

Me? Oh you know…not a lot: – worked – went through a hotel ownership change (again) – worked a lot more – coached cheer leading (I know, I couldn’t believe it either) – lost weight – gained it back – … Continue reading

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I think they played baseball that night, too

Tuesday was an extremely stressful day. I haven’t even mentioned my (mis)adventures on getting to the actual baseball stadium (unintentionally visited some reallllly interesting areas of downtown Atlanta). All of that disappeared when these kids took the field to sing … Continue reading

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