Dear Single Moms: I am not worthy.

I’m having one of those days. You know, those days… the kind of day that makes you wish you could go back to bed and start over. And maybe you wouldn’t necessarily choose the bed in your own house… but a bed far, far away where it’s quiet and peaceful and it’s a place where children don’t wake you up in the middle of the night when they can’t sleep. (I am perfectly capable of sleeping through the night… why wake me up when you can’t sleep? So both of us can’t sleep??)

So my sweet, angelic daughter is requesting a khaki skirt two days before she has to wear it as part of her chorus uniform. A khaki skirt? No problem, I say, I can find one of those anywhere. I have also been given specific instructions on what to pick up for their Dad’s birthday present. Okay, fine.

Birthday present: done and check

Khaki skirt: Gap? Nope, not in season. Justice? Only online. Target? Nowhere to be found in the childrens section.

I get home at 8:30pm, limping in my high heels that I’ve been running around in at work all day, with the smallest adult sized khaki skirt Target had available, and all I want to do is put on pajamas and lay down. But I can’t… the dog needs to go out, the kids are about to get home, and I have a mattress being delivered tomorrow.

The skirt is too big on her. Naturally. I anticipated this, because I am the epitome of SuperMom, so I bought two belts. The belts, however, are too small, because I SUCK at being SuperMom. Safety pins are called in & clothes are set out for the next morning with the ticket for the event on the top.

I begin vacuuming the carpet in the bedroom to prepare for the mattress arrival & furniture is moved around to accomodate my bigger & more plush bed. (Yay!) Kids are getting ready for bed & I am online trying to figure out how to pay bills. 

Then I treat myself to a video chat with a bestie because I totally deserve it. (Hi Jen!) We stay up way too late gabbing about everything and nothing & then it’s time for sleep.

The next morning I wake up (video chat hangover) groggy and get the girl up too. She’s going to her friends house where she will be spending the day & traveling with her to the chorus event. (I’ll be meeting her there later)

This is the time she chooses to tell me that she needs to wear dark shoes and the dark shoes she has do not fit her. (I’ll have to write a separate post on the size of that girl’s feet & how fast they are growing another time)

**Insert Mom-who-is-about-to-lose-her-already-frail-mind here.**

I am getting myself ready, making sure she is dressed and ready & that she has her chorus clothes (and safety pin) ready to go, move the mattress I’ve been sleeping on out of the way for the new one, take the dog out (freakin’ dog), and not forget the change of clothes *I* need so I’m not sitting outside in the heat of summer wearing a cardigan sweater set. And my camera because I must over-document this moment for scrapbooking and blogging purposes.

We find two pairs of shoes that may or may not be considered dark enough and/or dress code appropriate (sandals?) and I wake up the boy to take out the dog.  Whew. Okay… moving right along.

I remind Mack to get a hairbrush to take with her along with her uniform & the two pairs of shoes so she can decide later which ones she will wear. I gather my own stuff to leave. I see her with a bag and ask her what she did with the uniform (because it was on hangers). She tells me she (stuffed) put them in the bag. I tell her to takethemoutofthebagrightnow because I didn’t want them to wrinkle. ohmygosh.

We are walking out the door (late) and she asks me about the tickets. I gasp in panic. Tickets?! Her ticket was on the floor in her room from where it fell after I took the clothes off her dresser and put on her hanger. My ticket was on the floor (behind my mattress) from where it fell when I grabbed my purse.

Bless that child.

We finally leave the house. I drop her off at her friends house & ask her Mom to offer her opinion on the shoes & would you please pin her too big skirt. She’s gracious and sweet and says, of course she will. Thank you so much to Moms who are gracious and sweet and kind.

Then I high-tail it to work. (only 12 minutes late – not too bad)

So yes, I really would like to go to bed… not my old bed… no, no, my new bed, which is being delivered between 3:00pm and 7:00pm this evening, which is perfect because everyone who lives in that house will be at the CHORUS EVENT for my daughter and not home waiting for a mattress.



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Non-Profit HR Director, Scrapbooker, Reader, TV Lover, and Crafter. Also, Neurotic, Sarcastic, Anxiety-filled Mom of Three.
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3 Responses to Dear Single Moms: I am not worthy.

  1. islanjen says:

    oh babe…love you…even when you give me a video chat hangover…

  2. islanjen says:

    and p.s. you are always worthy…xoxo

  3. Jennifer Balot says:

    The icing on the cake…the good icing….will be when tears will be streaming down your face later as you hear these kids singing O Canada and the National Anthem later. God Bless You, Jen, Mackie is a pleasure! See you tonight!

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