Summer Plans?

The school year is over already. They end early up here… and it sneaks up on a Mom! We’re already on summer break and I still have NO IDEA what the kids are going to be doing while Chris and I are at work each day.

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We should probably figure that out soon, huh? We were always shipped off to New York for the summer… now I know why! Summer Camp is expensive & fills up fast!

A few years ago I mentioned to my Mom about the possibility of watching my kids over the summer… like her Mom did for her when we were kids. Her exact response was, “That was a different generation; we’re not going to do that.”

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Geez. It’s so hard to find good help these days.


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2 Responses to Summer Plans?

  1. Kimberly Reed says:

    whatever you figure out for skylar and mackie….add in ethan. he needs somewhere to go and something to do this summer. oh. alexander too (though he’s only 5…harder to find somewhere for him to go). but you can do it. i have faith in you. after all….i have painting, sleeping, eating…..scrapping (uh…haven’t scrapped in 2.5 YEARS)…..and other such things i need to do with my time. oh yeah. i might need to get a job soon too. you know….that no husband thing….it’s a bummer. 😉 and i know you willl get my humor.

  2. RMSJr says:

    And what were you doing when you were their ages?

    Did you turn out okay anyways?

    Does the house need painting? (Send them to ME, I could use some help with clearing the forest and repainting the house!)

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