And it comes with a FREE book light!

I don’t understand this. BUT – the commercial completely cracks. us. up. My sister told us about it and it was funny enought to hear her talk about it… but the commercial? Oh my goodness… it’s comedy, pure comedy.

Have you seen the Snuggie? Check it out here.

So… why not just, oh, I don’t know… turn up the heat? Or maybe…wear warmer clothes? Perhaps a sweater and some socks?

Nah, I’d much rather walk around the house dressed like a jedi. A warm jedi.

You know how I always wanted to be a monk? Now I can look like one without all those pesky vows.

In the commercial is shows a woman wearing a snuggie and holding a baby. Because without the snuggie she wouldn’t be able to be warm AND loving at the same time. She’s fully protected from the cold… but the baby? Much more dispensible. I guess they haven’t invented the baby-sized snuggies. Let’s all just keep our fingers crossed for that breakthrough.

Hmmm… a free book light? Tempting… very tempting.


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10 Responses to And it comes with a FREE book light!

  1. jules says:

    It’s a backwards, extra-long robe! Aramis and I cracked up the first time we saw it! I esp like the “Wear to your favorite sporting event!” Yeah, like I’d be seen in public with one of those!

  2. Kimberly Reed says:

    guess what you’re gettin’ for your bday. 😉

    we are back from our trip. bleh. i wish i was still at the beach.

  3. Karen says:

    Yes, they look goofy, but if you lived in a cold climate then you might understand the appeal, especially when there are people who cannot afford their heating bill now, so turning up the thermostat is probably not an option.

  4. jensmack says:

    True… maybe the southerner in me just doesn’t understand those sorts of things.

  5. Missy says:

    Do you know how many people have told me I need a snuggie? My son, included. I don’t think so 😉

  6. Vicky says:

    *LMBO* OMGosh, me and my sisters crack up over that, too. And I mentioned something about the baby…poor kid, she has to freeze.

  7. Rhonda says:

    You are soooo my kinda girl…my sisters and I cracked up about this commercial/item all during Christmas break (that and the damn SHAMWOW nonsense). LOL We think the Snuggie looks like a monk’s robe. All those actors need is a ‘friar tuck’ kinda bowl hair cut to make it all complete!!


  8. jamie says:

    Did I tell you even Ethan got in on the fun….I was going to bed one morning and Ethan jumped in to watch some TV. As always he likes to place his frozen toes under me when he snuggles. I yelped and said he was making me too cold, well you know what his response was…”I’m gonna tell Daddy you want a snuggie on your Christmas list.” (as serious as ever). He is just too cute!

  9. Bootie says:

    I see nothing wrong with waltzing around the house in a sleeping bag type of get up. I currently own and use daily an off-brand snuggie. I grew up in Michigan, and as a kid I had a snuggie-style blanket device that I wore all day when in the house (my dad kept the house cold in winter). But I didn’t get a free booklight.

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