Unexpected Disconnect

I knew I was taking a vacation from work – I was super-excited about that!

Here’s what the dog did this week while on vacation: (I don’t know what cracks me up the most about this photo… the size of my girl’s feet, the dog konked out in her lap, or the meerkats in the far left that my son is holding.)

I did not, however, anticipate taking a vacation from the internet. I could not have imagined that it would only work intermittently. I was not prepared… no emergency kit…I was lost…what could I do? Where should I go? (you mean, like, leave my house?) What should I do with my time?

I went through all the stages of grief:

  • Denial: “This couldn’t possibly be happening to me! Not now! Not when I’m on vacation! Vacation!! For crying out loud!”
  • Anger: “How dare you leave me during such an important time in my life! I needed some quality time with Perez Hilton and my scrap blogs!”
  • Bargaining: “Okay… if I could just have an hour or two online, I promise I won’t take you for granted again… come on… I need you! Please!”
  • Depression: “Whatever. Who needs the internet anyway. All I need is an encyclopedia and  a subscription to the Enquirer… that’s all I need in my life. Stupid internet.”
  • Acceptance: “It’s all right. I’ll be okay. Maybe I don’t need the internet every day. Maybe I can step away from it once and a while.”

I’m still without an internet connection at home… and my internet provider (coughBELLSOUTHcough), can’t seem to figure out what’s wrong. The earliest a tech can come to the house (for the SECOND time) is Saturday. SAT-UR-DAY. Grrrrr.

Thank goodness I have work and the Olympics to keep me occupied. I. LOVE. THE OLYMPICS.

Oh – and since I couldn’t get online, I did discover some TV that I had missed out on… anyone else seen Mad Men on AMC? Wowza. Good stuff. I am now caught up with the entire first season & the first three episodes of the second season. Thank goodness I found something productive to do while I was out!

Here are some other things that happened this week:

We celebrated a birthday! My sweet niece turned 5! (are these kids related or what?)

Did I do any scrapbooking? Not until last night at 7:00pm. That’s when I finally got in the mood to head down to the guest scrap room. That figures.

So… my vacation is over, I’m back to work and the kids have started school. I still have no internet, barely scrapped a thing & now I’m addicted to a new TV show.

Not too shabby…


About jensmack

Non-Profit HR Director, Scrapbooker, Reader, TV Lover, and Crafter. Also, Neurotic, Sarcastic, Anxiety-filled Mom of Three.
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  1. Art is a private thing, the artist makes it for himself;

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