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When Mack was about 2 1/2 years old, she and her brother talked non-stop about getting a dog. We told them no, we couldn’t get a dog. Someone has allergy issues (the old man) and plus, we didn’t have a yard. We were renting a townhouse.

Fast-forward to February 2008 – more than four years after the dog converstaions –  we put a contract on this house. The little elephant that lives with us..the one disguised as a seven year old girl, said, “Can we get a dog now?”



How in the hell did she remember that conversation from almost FIVE years ago?

So… we talked about it for a few months. Looked online. And because the old man has allergy issues, we decided to research those dogs that are hypo-allergenic. There’s a long list of them.

We printed a list of places where shelters were having adoptions. We also brought along a list of the allergy-friendly pups. We prepped the kids with things like, “we may not get a dog today” and “we have to find the right one for us” along with “don’t be disappointed if we don’t find one that fits our family.”

They agreed and we drove to our first stop.

Where we saw him:

And now he’s at our house. Right now he’s sleeping on the couch next to me.

Hypo-allergenic? Um, I have a feeling he’s not quite so allergy-friendly. 


He’s a 14 month old Miniature Pinscher. Well… Doberman’s are considered hypo-allergenic, so a miniature pinscher should be good too, right? (it made sense to us at the time)

After doing some research, come to find out, they are no where near related to Dobermans.

But – look at this face:

And those ears! How can you not fall in love with those ears?!

(better photos to come later – stupid flash)

Anyway… he came with the name “Bits” – clearly, he is not a Bits. I think the shelter was trying to call him “Dwyer.” I’m not so sure he’s a Dwyer. Right now we don’t know what to call him. Can we change his name at this point? I feel bad doing that… I mean, what if people started calling me Betsy or something? That would totally get on my nerves.

Speaking of Betsy – I keep calling him “Bitsy” which makes him sound like he should be wearing an Izod shirt and carrying a tennis racquet on his way to lessons with Blaine.

Am I right?

Right now he’s ignoring me calling him either Bits or Dwyer. But – kissing sounds got his attention. Totally a guy.


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Non-Profit HR Director, Scrapbooker, Reader, TV Lover, and Crafter. Also, Neurotic, Sarcastic, Anxiety-filled Mom of Three.
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3 Responses to Bits & Photos

  1. jules says:

    may I suggest Rocco? It’s the first thing that popped into my head when I saw him!

    Adorable! Now I need to get you a dog purse to match your tiara!

  2. RMSJr says:

    Jen & her tribe. Congratulations 🙂 you are now owned by a canine. There is no better place of honor. (Zeus told me to type that and wants to know when your puppy will come over to play.)

    Enjoy and repeat always. There will be no regrets. This, I know.

  3. Kimberly says:

    awww, cute cute cute!!!
    you crack me up.
    congrats on the dog (whatever his name really is).
    we wanted to name ours damn it so when we were outside calling the dog everyone would hear us say, damn it..come here! heh.

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