How to guarantee the kids go to college.

Yesterday we had a large check out & a large check in – all within a few hours of each other. It was “all hands on deck” and managers were asked to volunteer to come in on a Sunday and help out. I came in & brought along the little ones to help as well. They were both so excited to come to work with Mommy. They love hotels & have always enjoyed visiting. (and touching every last thing in my office… grrrrr.)

We were assigned the super-fun task of folding towels in the laundry. There were hand towels and bath towels and wash clothes and bath mats and they all had to be folded in a very precise way.

They hated every second of it.

I had given them strict instructions the day before about how to behave at the hotel – it’s a place of business, people are working, Mommy needs this job, etc. etc.

They were already tired of folding towels after about 20 minutes. After about 30 minutes we took a break and got some juice.

Then I told them it was back to work.

After 90 minutes the little girl was complaining that her arms hurt. My son was sitting down watching the rest of us fold towels. They were not happy. I explained that there were people who did this every single day for eight hours a day. Every day.

We were only there for two hours – but, I’m hoping they’ll remember this for a long time. It’s certainly not going to be the last time they volunteer at the hotel. Next… the dish room.


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One Response to How to guarantee the kids go to college.

  1. jules says:

    Send them to my house next time. They can fold Mt. Washmore.

    Zacky did the same thing at the Met when my washer was out and they were letting me use the facillities. To “pay” for this, I folded towels and encouraged him to do the same. Nope, he pretty much had the same reaction as your kiddos.

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