Cheap and Easy

And no, I’m not talking about me.

Ba-dum-bump… ching!

Is this thing on?

I finished my cheap and easy project. Now I have to figure out exactly what I’m going to do with them. Hang them in the dining room? Hang them in my guest scrap room? I’m not sure.

The whole project cost me about $7 because all I needed were the frames (thrift store) and the poster board for matting. I could’ve gotten regular matting – but I was even too cheap for that.

I actually took the time to MEASURE the poster board so that all of the matting looked the same. That was probably the hardest part for me. I almost caved and just tore the paper and plopped it on the poster board all rough and edgy-like. But, I perservered… and now have these simple, pretty picture frames.

I like how they came out. I know it’s not the most original idea – but it kept my mind occupied from being sad. Plus, I’m just happy that I finished a project. *whew*


About jensmack

Non-Profit HR Director, Scrapbooker, Reader, TV Lover, and Crafter. Also, Neurotic, Sarcastic, Anxiety-filled Mom of Three.
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7 Responses to Cheap and Easy

  1. Marti says:

    LOVE THEM! And now you’ve got my creative side sparked…my house needs SO MUCH HELP!

  2. Lori says:

    Those are CUTE!

  3. josie says:

    You forgot the third option – MY dining room wall.

  4. Kimberly says:

    cute cute cute! but you know…measuring….that’s a drastic measure! i hate to measure! lol….

    hope you’re okay…..

  5. Lewis says:

    Maybe you could try origami, since you’re slowly falling in love with the culture of the Far East…

    Admit it, round-eye! You like Foldy-foldy…

  6. Cynthia says:

    They look great. I am feeling inspired…, it’s over. Inspiration has left the building. But your frames look great!

    : )

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