Choices and Changes

I was lucky enough to hear this person speak today:

Judson Laipply – Evolution of Dance

Maybe you’ve seen him on You Tube before? I had & was thrilled to find out that he would be the guest speaker this morning at the meeting I attended.

He talked about choices – how we all choose to live the way we want to. Yes, there are some things we have no control over, but MOST things we do. He said that we need to take responsibility for where we are because we made the choices which got us there.

He’s right.

He asked us if we knew people who blamed everything else around them instead of looking at themselves. He said that these people will never be able to move on from their current situations until they make the choice to change it. They blame others all the time. I was thinking – OMG – I definitely knew someone like that.

He also said that we have to let go of the things we have no control over. Why get so angry over things that we can’t control? It’s not always easy & he acknowledged that too… but we cannot waste time worrying about those things. There are way more important things to worry about – like our friends and loved ones.

He used an example of someone getting so angry over a flight being delayed that he yelled and yelled at the ticket attendant and then fell to the ground suffering a heart attack. Why get so worked up over that? There are things we cannot control. There’s no use wasting energy on such nonsense. It’s okay to be mad – but it’s not okay to throw a fit over something so silly.

The person I knew – she would never look at herself, but was plenty ready to judge & blame others. It was her parents, her job, her family, etc. etc. She never looked at herself. She wasted (and probably still does) a lot of time and energy on things that weren’t important. She was (is) miserable. She constantly talked about what everyone else had or didn’t have as compared to her. She judged her friends and her family. It was exhausting being around her. She didn’t treat people well & would get upset over every. little. thing. Going to a restaurant with her was a nightmare.

I made the choice not to be around her anymore. There was no time in my life for that kind of person at that time. And there’s still not. 

After he spoke – he did the dance. It was brilliant.

Definitely something to think about each day… what are our choices?


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4 Responses to Choices and Changes

  1. jen jen says:

    I am still so jealous you were in HIS presence!!!

    and i know what you mean about making a CHOICE to not be around certain people anymore…it is the best thing you can ever do for yourself!

  2. Rhonda says:

    I love this post. I’m trying to teach this message to Jordan early in life. Take responsibility for yourself and your actions. I think that is probably one of the most “all encompassing” life messages we can teach our children.


  3. Jules says:

    I know people like that…very well

  4. Marti says:

    That’s all so TRUE. Thank you for reinforcing it agian.

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