When did I become so judgemental?

Tonight when Mackie wanted to watch “Zoey 101” I wouldn’t let her.  I told her to change the channel.

When I found out today that the star of the show was pregnant at 16 years old, I was surprised. Didn’t we all think/hope that the younger sister would be the “good” kid?

I don’t remember being so judgemental. I’m the liberal one! “Live and let live!” “As long as they’re happy and not hurting anyone, let them do what they want” I think my judgemental’ness (made up that word) came when I had a daughter. And now I don’t want my daughter to become a fan of this show and the actress who finds herself in a very un-Nickelodeon-like position.

On the other hand – I haven’t stopped her from watching High School Musical after one of the stars was found to have naked photos of her on the internet that she herself sent a boy while she was “under-age.”

Is there a difference between that and this current celebrity “scandal?” Does this mean that I’m not only judgemental, but I’m also a hypocrite?

Being a parent is hard. Maybe I’m not ready to have to explain all of this to my kids?


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4 Responses to When did I become so judgemental?

  1. gloria says:

    i was shocked to hear of it too.
    i am not proud of it, but my first thought was
    “that whole family is a train wreck”

    being a parent is tough, kids are sooo much more advanced now than we were at their age.
    and while it’s easy to blame the media, truth is, kids will listen to the person who pays them the most attention.
    i am constantly having to remind myself of this fact.
    good luck explaining things, i know i’m gonna need some too!!

  2. Marti says:

    Does that mean you’re not going to buy their mom’s parenting book? I’m wondering what a 16 year old is doing living with her boyfriend. “I don’t know how this happened!” Really? Because I kind of do…

  3. julie says:

    Well, I think you’re ok on the hypocrite part. VH’s pictures are easily hidden…you have to really look for them and the fuss and bother will die down. However, its hard to hide a pregnancy and the resulting baby who will always be there.

    I’m curious as to what Nickelodeon will do.

    Oh, and apparently, they were not living together as previously reported but now they’re not even seeing each other if you believe the sources.

  4. Rhonda says:

    Yes, Jamie Lynn’s pregnancy was QUITE shocking. I, too, thought/hoped she wouldn’t be a train-wreck like Britney.

    And I don’t think you’re a hypocrite…like Julie (#3) said, VH’s pictures are easily hidden; you have to hunt for them. Not that what she did was right either, and it doesn’t send a good message to young girls–but she isn’t pregnant…pregnant says “I had sex”. You can’t sugarcoat that in any way. And JLS’s dirty deed is in our faces…VH didn’t do a huge magazine cover/article about it.

    I’m irritated…there are just are so few good, solid role models for young girls. Emma Roberts…Miley Cyrus (though she irritates me but at least she isn’t knocked up!! lol)…who else? Anyone???

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