The tail lights go on forevah.

And it’s raining.

Rain in Atlanta means that traffic is worse than every other day. Actually, there could be just the hint of precipitation in the air & that would make the traffic worse.

Now that I think of it…there could be a report on the radio by Flip Spiceland who may insinuate that there may be some grayish clouds overhead in the next week or so… and it would make the traffic worse that day.

I live 18 miles away from the hotel. This ride takes me 25 minutes during off-peak times. During peak drive-time it takes me 50-60 minutes. Today, in the rain, it was definitely 60 minutes. *sigh*

Just another thing (like pollen & people named Flip Spiceland & southern accents & grits) I’ll need to learn to live with here in Atlanta.

(P.S. – it took me 15 minutes to get to and from work in Orlando. I’m just sayin’.)

Did I mention that it’s raining? Like four days of constant rain. Totally. The drought has got to be over by now, right? Is the lake full yet?


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4 Responses to The tail lights go on forevah.

  1. slammie says:

    unfortunately NOT – I drive by Lake Lanier every day to get to work. it’s so low that it’s not even funny. didn’t you know that people here can’t drive even when it’s sunny outside?!?! that glare and all! *snort*

  2. islandjen says:

    seriously diggin’ that pic…i need to take pics of my route to work!!

  3. jules says:

    See, I’m originally from West Texas. Driving in the rain there would be like driving in the snow here. Nobody knows how to do it.

    Love the shot, girlie!

  4. Kimerly says:

    you see, that photograph makes me homesick for the rain. living in the freaking god-awful desert….i long for some rain! want to switch places with me?

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