What’s going on?

Geez… lots of stuff on my mind right now. And I’m feeling a teensy bit, okay a lot, PMS’y so maybe I shouldn’t say anything at all. (this is where I’m going to politely apologize in advance) Sometimes the part of me who says to shut-up is gagged and bound by the part of me that wants to speak up. Guess who won this round?

There’s been some scrapbook controversy going on… for those of you who don’t scrapbook – sorry… for those that do,  you probably know what I’m talking about. It has to do with contest rules and whether or not someone (either the winners or the company holding the contest) ignored those rules. Okay, fine… whatever. I don’t think it’s right & I definitely think there’s something fishy going on – and I don’t think we’ll ever know the whole truth.

I understand that it’s not along the same lines as the Kennedy Assassination or whether or not the government really knows about UFOs and has them all in Area 52… but in our little scrapbooking world it is quite a big deal.

Why? Because people enter this contest thinking that all of the work will be looked over fairly and somewhat consistently based on the rules that were set out by the company. And because people still want to believe that there are still some things in this world that are FAIR and RIGHT and GOOD. And that when people say they are judging a contest based upon certain criteria that they would actually KEEP THEIR WORD.

That’s why it’s important. It’s not because we think that by following the rules of this scrapbooking contest and being fair that the war in Iraq will end and there won’t be any starving people anywhere in the world. But – can’t we at least have faith in a scrapbooking contest??

I’m also a little peeved at those people – some winners included – who insist that people need to focus more on their own lives and forget about this little “snafu.”

Condescending, much?

Don’t think that for one moment I have forgotten about my broken mother lying in a bed…being fed her medicine by my Dad who is at his wits end because she can’t seem to get her hand, her mouth, and her brain to all work at the same time to do this small thing herself…. or that I’m not thinking about the cancer that had spread up and down her spine, the food and water that she is NOT consuming, and all the moments in my kids’ lives that she is going to miss. Because I haven’t. Not for one second.

So please don’t talk down to me. Don’t condescend me and belittle the time I spend on my computer. Don’t think that I don’t have anything better to do. Scrapbooking is important to me too… it’s what has helped keep me (somewhat) sane through all that is on my mind… and I would hope that there are scrapbooking companies out there who NOT would cheat and lie over a contest.

That’s why people are upset over this. And after all, it is just paper and glue. Right?


About jensmack

Non-Profit HR Director, Scrapbooker, Reader, TV Lover, and Crafter. Also, Neurotic, Sarcastic, Anxiety-filled Mom of Three.
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2 Responses to What’s going on?

  1. Kimberly Reed says:

    you go girl. speak your mind.
    it’s all disheartening.
    and tiring.
    and so many more things….

    my heart aches for you, your mom….your dad….your sisters…you get the idea…wishing i could take that pain away at least for a little while.

  2. julie says:

    I wish I could stop time and rewind for you girl. Since I can’t, just know that “The J’s” got your back and are here for you whenever you need to yell, cry, or scrap. With the right amount of wine and privacy, we could probably manage all three in one night.


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