First Day of School

That’s a first grader and a fourth grader standing there!

(the little one didn’t want to take off her High School Musical bag even though they had 15 minutes before they left)

They both had a great first day!

(Can someone tell me… when did they get so BIG?)

First Day of School – 2005 (preschool and second grade)

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4 Responses to First Day of School

  1. Jen Jen says:

    holy smack they really have grown!! wow! i don’t want draven to ever go to school…wahhhh!

  2. jules says:

    Put it in perspective-they are that much closer to leaving the house!

    When Eli starts pre-school, Zack will be starting seventh grade, Ian will be in third and Matthew will be in second.

    I don’t want to even think about it!

    Aramis and I had a conversation about Zacky yest. He said, he loves him being where he’s at now, but he can’t wait to see the man he’ll become. Quite sentimental for DH.

    I have less than a week before I pack mine off to their first day.

    I won’t be sobbing, I’ll be happy!

  3. Rhonda says:

    I didn’t realize Jordan and your daughter are the same age. He starts first grade on the 20th. I don’t know where the time has gone…I’m so old.

  4. Kimberly Reed says:

    they are cuter than cute!! and yeah…holy crap they grow up fast! six more days until i have a first grader. gone from 930-3:30. i won’t know what to do with myself. oh. wait. i still have one other kid home. humpf. 😉

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