Last Weekend of Summer

School starts on Monday. Can you believe it? It’s only mid-August? What happened to starting after Labor Day?

Anyway… the last weekend before school is being spent hanging out at home, playing on the computer, playing around the house, playing cards, and doing a little of this:

and this:

They love scrapbooking too! Mack wants to be on a design team and doesn’t understand why she has to wait until she’s older. She’s like, “You do it, why can’t I?”

There may be more of that today… we’ll see. The sun isn’t out – and we’re actually a little bit happy about that. The temps are getting up to over 100 degrees outside. Inside fun is on the agenda for today.

Okay – the kids just started yelling at each other. Maybe *I’ll* go outside.


About jensmack

Non-Profit HR Director, Scrapbooker, Reader, TV Lover, and Crafter. Also, Neurotic, Sarcastic, Anxiety-filled Mom of Three.
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2 Responses to Last Weekend of Summer

  1. Julie says:

    that’s right Mom, get ’em hooked early and then feed their addiction. Who says Mackie can’t design? Have her go for HOF!

  2. Rhonda says:

    That is adorable that they love to scrapbook. Jordan likes to LOOK at my scrapbooks, but he hasn’t shown any interest in making any yet. He’s too busy drawing. lol

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