Olafactory Overload

Today is my Friday! Woo-hoo! We leave tomorrow morning to drive down to Florida. My little niece is turning the big 0-4 and the party is on Saturday. (not to mention I’ll get to love all over new baby Emily!)

I’m also going to get to have some time with my Mom. She called me yesterday here at work. (my assistant said, “Your Mom called” and I said, “She did?” with a very shocked tone.) She hasn’t called me at work in… oh gosh… months and months. We used to talk all the time. She hasn’t called me at all – which is completely understandable, of course. I’ve talked to my Dad a lot & when I ask to talk to my Mom she’s either sleeping or not feeling well. (radiation is kicking her butt & making her really sick)

So – she called me yesterday and sounded somewhat like her old self. She wants me to come over and help her ‘go through things.’ She said that there’s some stuff she wants me to have. It’s not strange to hear that my Mom has stuff for me to take home. My parents would give me their bed to sleep on if they thought I needed it. But I feel different about it these days.

She was also very insistant on me bringing her back her jewelry. (I had to take it off of her when we took her to the ER back in December & have kept it with me since then) This has always been a joke between us… about me coveting her jewelry… so I guess I now have to hand it back over. *sigh* 😉

Anyway… the long drive (6-7 hours) is tomorrow. Hopefully the kids will keep themselves occupied with some movies and snacks & hopefully we won’t have to stop every 30 minutes for bathroom breaks… and hopefully there won’t be too much whining. (and I hope the kids won’t whine either)

Side Bar: Why would a person come and apply for a job reeking… and I mean, REEKING of cigarette smoke? Could he not smell it? I couldn’t even talk to him. I was gagging & backing away from him for the 45 seconds he was in my office.

Maybe it’s the same kind of person who brings their kids with them when they apply for a job… or chews gum while talking to you… but, that’s another blog entry for another time.

I need to go find some air freshener.


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Non-Profit HR Director, Scrapbooker, Reader, TV Lover, and Crafter. Also, Neurotic, Sarcastic, Anxiety-filled Mom of Three.
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6 Responses to Olafactory Overload

  1. Julie says:

    what about the people who come to apply in flip-flops and hoochie tops?

    the people who ask “Whatcha got?” for jobs and then, “How muchoo pay?”

    The people who, say, have less than six months exp at a variety of jobs and then apply for the one opening that wouldn’t utilize any of that experience?

    The ones who don’t speak English who apply for jobs that guarantee that they need to speak it?

    and so on and so on…

    wish you could come see me too, but I understand you have a full plate. Enjoy your family!

  2. Marti says:

    I love the people who you tell me about who ask for an application…and a pen. Yeah…we’ll hire you since you’re so prepared. Sorry about Mr. Stinky. I hope the smoke smell didn’t linger for too long.

    Have a great trip & enjoy your family! Give that baby lots of kisses from me.

    And definitely give your mom back her jewelry, you sneak!

  3. slammie says:

    hope that you had a safe drive down! have fun visiting family!

  4. Dawn says:

    morning – so glad you got to talk with your mum… that’s good to hear – and hope you’re enjoying Florida – do you miss it?! LOL Have a great day hun

  5. Rhonda says:

    Have a safe trip to Florida. I was just in your neck of the woods. I was in Atlanta from the 21st ’til the 26th. It was for school, though.

  6. Kimberly Reed says:

    have a good and safe trip. i think you should plan another one for oh…i don’t know….sept 8th-16th???!!!

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