Fun on the Fourth

(okay – can I just tell you how freakin’ impressed with myself I am right now? I created a slideshow! On my blog. I’m obviously a genius.) 

We had a great day celebrating the 4th of July! My sister-in-law’s neighborhood had a special kid parade of decorated scooters and bicycles – it was adorable and really fun. What a great idea! The kids’ scooters were all decked out in red, white and blue.

The parade went really fast! (those kids were competitive little speed racers – and I can totally admire and relate to that, of course.) After the parade we had a bar-b-que by the pool and some fun on the playground.

[rockyou id=75878448]

Afterwards we came home and napped. (well, I did) Then we cooked dinner & did our own fireworks in the driveway. We watched the local coverage on TV for the downtown Atlanta fireworks… and let me just say that they won’t be winning any awards for that production. Do you hear me local NBC affiliate? It SUCKED.

Even with the sucky local coverage… it really was the perfect way to spend the holiday. The only thing that would’ve made it any better is if my family could’ve been here too.


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5 Responses to Fun on the Fourth

  1. Julie says:

    a slideshow! you freakin’ genius! lol! Love all the patriotic picks, but nothing ‘lanta can put on will ever rival Disney’s productions.

    course this is coming from a girl who stayed inside all day occasionally yelling at the kiddos to clean their rooms. I DID manage to make a lemon meringue pie though. That’s patriotic, right?

  2. Julie says:

    btw…great new banner!

  3. Marti says:

    Fun! I’m going to have to try the slideshow thing out. Very nice! Sounds like a great day with the kids!

  4. maw1232001 says:

    Loved the slideshow and the way cool sandals.

  5. Robin says:

    Hi! I dug up the email with your blog address in it. Love the pictures! I’m especially impressed with the way Mackenzie’s firework shirt looks “animated” when the slideshow is rolling….almost as if you did it on purpose. It was a fun day!!

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