And then we roasted them over a spitfire.

I’m looking out the bedroom window yesterday and yell out for my son. He runs in the room and I tell him to look out the window (while I point) at the animal that’s down below next to a tree. After five minutes of me saying, “no, over there… see the green leaves? no, over there… where I’m pointing…” he finally sees it. I say, “What in the world is that?” He says, “Mom, it’s a chipmunk.” (and then rolls his eyes and wonders how I ever made it to 29… okay 34 years of age without knowing the simplest of things)

A chipmunk? In my yard? Wha?

I attempt to open the window and the chipmunk scurries (they scurry, right?) into it’s hole. “A burrow,” the boy says with a sigh – wondering how I can even find my way to the car, I’m so dumb.

We go online and do a little research. Apparently chipmunks hibernate from Fall to early Spring. (which explains the puzzled look on the critter. He was wondering where that fence came from.) They eat small bugs and snails and seeds and berries. The boy and I decide to give the little guy a treat. We get bird seed and toss it around the burrow’s entrance. We found other ‘holes’ and put some birdseed there too.

Then we fill the bird feeder (from Marti & her family) out front with more birdseed. And I tell the boy to get some water for the bird bath. We were so excited.

Later I’m walking to the living room window to let some light in. I scream for the kids and husband to come and look at what is sitting in the bird bath. It was a hawk. A big freakin’ hawk. (no, not a falcon – yeesh) It was at least 12-18 inches tall sitting on top of our little birdbath. I run to get the camera (of course) and by the time I get back it flew away. Damn. The sucker was HUGE.

A hawk. Outside my house. In my birdbath. Where the hell did we move to? Montana?

Saturday night after a rockin’ good time with Marti, we pull into the driveway to see a little bunny crossing in front of us. Aw. So cute. A bunny.

Hmmm… I wonder if the hawk is around because of the bunny and the chipmunk population in our area? That’ll be a fabulous life lesson to teach my kids. (not)

Is this what it’s like when tourists come to Florida and get excited over lizards and alligators? ‘Cause I never understood that. Big deal – it’s just an alligator. <<eye roll>>


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Non-Profit HR Director, Scrapbooker, Reader, TV Lover, and Crafter. Also, Neurotic, Sarcastic, Anxiety-filled Mom of Three.
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6 Responses to And then we roasted them over a spitfire.

  1. julie says:

    Once, when I worked at Animal Kingdom, I was making my daily walk through the park to drop the previous day’s reports. A squirrel scurried out on the path in front of the flamingos, past the macaws, avoiding the alligators. A little boy excitedly grabbed his father’s hand and yelled, “Look Daddy! A SQUIRREL!” I always thought that was funny!

    btw, was it a Northern Reticulated Chipmonk or White-tailed Dover Chipmonk?

  2. jensmack says:

    You’ll have to ask Skylar.

  3. Kimberly Reed says:

    lol….you are too funny. it’s nice you take such joy in these simple things that are now in your life. and i have this to say. at least you have cute bunnies and chipmonks. yeah..okay…we have those too. but we also have coyotes. like RIGHT in our yard. and now i think i know what happened to peachbarry (our cat who is no longer). bad bad coyotes. poor poor peachbarry. and yes. i really used to have a cat named peachbarry.

  4. slammie says:

    welcome to GA, Jen! LOL!

  5. Marti says:

    Lucy goes crazy looking out the window at all of the critters in our back yard. Don’t you just love it? I’ll trade a chipmunk for a lizard any day of the week!

  6. island jen says:

    bwahahahaha!! are you out in the sticks in Georgia or what?! and seriously…i think you need to brush up on your everday around the house critters! hello, chipmunk?

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