“Thank God You’re Here!”

Did anyone else watch that show last night? OMG – the last skit of the first episode had me literally crying with laughter. It was so funny. I couldn’t even see the show because the tears in my eyes were blurring my vision. I love improv comedy… shows like ‘Whose Line is it Anyway’ are favorites of mine. I watch them and think, “what would I have done?” This show was especially funny.

Plus it brings me back to High School Drama class. (Yes, I did something other than marching band) I LOVED doing improv. It was scary and fun and such an adrenaline rush… but hearing people laugh at what you did (when you were trying to be funny on purpose, of course…I mean, I was in the band so I was used to getting laughed at) was such an awesome feeling.

It’s also cool to see actors and comedians put on the spot like that. I think it’s interesting to see them feeling uncomfortable and nervous about it too. It makes me respect them more – that they would put themselves in such a position. On the show last night was Richard Kind and Edie McClure… not only have they been a part of some of my favorite TV shows and movies… but currently their voices can be found on Playhouse Disney – my daughter’s favorite channel. That made it even more fun for me to watch. (Edie plays Fran the squirrel on Higgleytown Heroes and Richard is the voice of the adult on Go Baby – it’s sad that I know these things, but I do)

If you haven’t seen it, you really must seek it out! It was on twice last night – I have the last one recorded if you want to come over and watch it. 😉 Otherwise, it’s on at 9pm on Monday nights – NBC.


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3 Responses to “Thank God You’re Here!”

  1. Marti says:

    We watched some of it & recorded it. SO FUNNY! I absoutely love it & this is my punishment for not updating my blog before you…I was going to write about it, too! Funny stuff.

  2. Rhonda says:

    I watched parts of it, but I get SO nervous for them that I have to change channels for a few minutes; I start feeling bad that maybe they can’t think of anything funny to say or do. I’m weird. I loved Wayne Knight (NEWMAN!) and that guy Joel from the E! channel. They made me laugh. It is a great show.

    On a “band” note…I was a band geek, too. From 6th grade until 10th when I felt I was far too cool to be in band anymore (please note the sarcasm!). I regret it so much because I was really good and could’ve done so much more with it (first oboe then flute). Jordan’s learning the violin…I hope he learns and loves many other instruments.

  3. Jules says:

    shamless plug there, when do you get the check from NBC? lol! I meant to watch it, will have to tivo it next week.

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