The Pollen?

Never in my life have I been so affected by Pollen. Before moving here, the only time I ever used the word Pollen was, well, not ever. I think there’s a song in Grease 2 (a classic, you know) that talks about Pollen while referring to “The Birds and the Bees.” And maybe it was discussed during a high school science class. But that’s it.

Now everyone in Atlanta is talking about The Pollen. Pollen count is very important. I had no idea. Apparently a high Pollen count is somewhere around 300. This time of year in Atlanta it’s in the thousands. And that’s a lot. (from what they tell me)

You can see The Pollen everywhere. My car is covered in yellow powder. The patio chairs are covered in yellow powder. The streets are streaked with yellow powder. Doorknobs, windows, and even the credit card thing at the gas pump was covered in yellow powder. And yet, you can’t see it in the air… it just shows up all over the place. Freaky-ass Pollen.

There are news stories about how to combat The Pollen… what to do to protect yourself from The Pollen… and how to prevent it from affecting your allergies and sinuses.

People who were never allergic in their life come to Atlanta and become allergic to The Pollen. It’s some sort of weird regional phenomenon. (do do do-do do —- Sorry, Muppets moment)

I’m afraid to stand outside for too long – I might get covered in yellow powder! Thank goodness we don’t have a dog… I wouldn’t want to go outside and take it for a walk! Even family has told me that during this time of year, you keep your windows shut, the air conditioning on and you don’t go outside… and be sure to change your air filters. You just have to wait it out. (doesn’t that sound a little scary?)

I’ve never been allergic to anything… ever. But the more people talk about it, the more affected I get. All of a sudden my eyes are itchy and my throat is scratchy. Is it all in my mind?? Or is it… The Pollen?


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6 Responses to The Pollen?

  1. Rhonda says:

    Attack of the Killer Pollen! =]

    I guess you could go out with like a rain coat and hat and one of those masks, right? Not very fashionable though…and you’d probably have a heat stroke.

  2. julie says:

    I like Rhonda’s suggestion…not necessarily to keep the pollen OFF of you but to cameflauge it when it does, inevitably get on you.

    Just wear a completely yellow wardrobe, problem solved!

  3. bob says:

    It’s the pine trees.

  4. Marti says:

    Oh, did I not mention the pollen when you were thinking about moving here? It takes over the state for a little while in the spring. Don’t bother getting your car washed & join the rest of us in laughing at those who do. You know, people like my HUSBAND who don’t want to drive a yellow car.

  5. julie says:

    I notice you changed your blog colors to match current condition, lol

  6. islandjen says:

    oh lord…i would never survive in atlanta right now!

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