Birthday Cake Ice Cream Rocks.

The kids’ school starts an hour earlier here than it did in Orlando. I have a longer drive to work here than I did in Orlando. That means I have to get up at 6:00 in the morning. That’s reallllly hard for me. It’s much, much too early. I think 7:00am is early enough, thankyouverymuch.

Anything earlier than that and it might as well still be the middle of the night. And with the time change, that’s exactly how it feels. Now I’m leaving the house at 7ish & the kids leave about 10 minutes later. And it’s pitch black outside.

I need a nap. 


~~~~ Okay –  I’ve had a cup of coffee and feel much better.  Ahhhh… the sweet lucious taste of coffee, cream and sweet-n-low… it makes me so happy. (and much more alert)

Last night there was a fundraiser for the kids’ school at the local ice cream joint. Since it’s for the kids’ school, we decided we could make this huge sacrifice and go eat some ice cream… if we had to…. okay, twist my arm. My sister-in-law and her kids met us there too… since they live just down the street! (how freakin’ cool is that?)

I had birthday cake ice cream…in a waffle cone… with rainbow sprinkles.

It was deee-licious.

They were selling coupon books for $10 – half the money would go to the school. Oh, okay… if I have to. I mean, it’s for the kids. I guess we’ll have to go back there now…since we have the coupon book… not because I want to or anything.

There were about 50 other kids there with their parents all eating ice cream. My kids saw other kids from their classes. (They just started school yesterday.) It was cute.

As we’re sitting there eating ice cream, I hear a Mom talking to her kid – “Sam, did you have a new student in school today?” Sam says yes. “What’s her name?” Sam says, “Mindy… um, Mindy I think… Minn… Mmmm… um, Mimsy.” He then points to Mackie and says, “She’s right there.” His Mom says, “And her name is Mimsy?” I interrupted and said, “Mackenzie.”

The Mom told me that Sam came home from school one day and said there was a new boy in class named San Diego. San Diego? The Mom later learned the child’s name was really Santiago. Ha!

I’m thinking we should’ve nicknamed the girl Mimsy. I may start calling her that just to get her attention.

So… the parents introduce themselves to me (I can’t remember their names). The Dad is asking me questions – why we moved here at such an odd time? What do you do, etc. Then he asks what area we moved to. I’m telling him the cross streets and he says, “Oh, those estate homes?” I’m sure I looked like someone who lived in an estate home simply by how elegant I was dressed… hair in a ponytail, scrap shirt, jeans, sneakers and a blue hoodie. “Uh, no,” I said, “we’re not *that* big.” I described the other neighborhood just south of those estate homes… that’s where we live.


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2 Responses to Birthday Cake Ice Cream Rocks.

  1. Rhonda says:

    It never gets any easier (getting up early). I’m SO not a morning person…never have been. During my college years, I was known to sleep ’til 10 or 11 (or noon+ if there was some partying the night before). When I first started teaching and had to start getting up at the unGodly hour of 5:30 or 6:00, I thought, “Oh this will get easier”. Um, no…12 years later, still feel like walking dead…eyes burning, not wanting to open up..hitting ‘snooze’ 3 or 4 times. Maybe I should look into teaching night school!! lol =]

  2. islandjen says:

    oh..the sacrifices we make for our little ones..the horror…birthday cake ice cream in a waffle cone…oh lord..and then sprinkles…that’s the knife twister right there!!

    i just don’t know how you do it…you are a model mom..someone i need to learn from!!

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