Gary Sinise & Other Stuff

We finally got to see The Candelight Processional at Epcot last week.  It wasn’t raining… it was FREEZING. The narrator was Gary Sinise… who I love.  Here he is – the one in the middle…with his mouth closed:

Here are some other photos from Epcot that night… these actually look pretty cool.

It was a nice night. It was fun to be all bundled up outside… even if we are wearing shorts and t-shirts a few short days later. (I don’t understand the weather here)

And now… on to this girl:

This is my little one on Christmas day. Here you see three of her presents… striped fuzzy socks for the tactile child, a too big Figment t-shirt, and the awesome FP3 player. We loaded up some tunes & she was off… bopping around the house, singing along. So cool.

Today we went to the movies and saw Night at the Museum. Cute. I would recommend this movie for kids and adults. It seemed a little long at times… but far better than a lot of the kids movies out there. Plus, I love Ben Stiller… I think he’s adorable and very funny.

On the way back from the theater, Mack says, “I don’t want my gum anymore. It looks like a brain.”

And then she tells her brother, “Do you want the rest of my water? There’s no backwash in it.”

I’ve often told her to act like a lady… I can see that she’s really paying attention.


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3 Responses to Gary Sinise & Other Stuff

  1. Kimberly Reed says:

    I LOVE the pics you took. And dude. Gary Sinise (did I even spell that right and yes I am too lazy to find out) is such an awesome actor.

    Mack is so adorable…the things she says…rockin’ out to some tunes.

    And yes. I am checking out your blog instead of doing what I should be doing. Why do I feel so lazy and unmotivated today?

  2. Jules says:

    I have got to get Zacky an FP3 player! I actually looked for one but cut my shopping too fine. Oh well.

    Those pics are AWESOME!

  3. Marti says:

    Ahhhh…what is more Magical than Epcot? Thanks for sharing the moment. And if you don’t like the weather, I hear that if you wait a few minutes, it’ll change. 😉

    And Mackie is a doll. Love the slippers.

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