A Tribute – by an 8 year old – to Steve Irwin


We were saddened to learn of Steve Irwin’s death today.  I was nervous for Skylar, our own nature-lover, to find out about it. He’s been watching Steve on TV for years!  We were talking about him last night at dinner, I think…

Tonight Skylar drew the picture (on the right) to send to Steve Irwin’s family in Australia.  He drew Steve, his wife and his children surrounded by lots of animals and an apple tree – all under a rainbow.  He wrote a note on the back of it.  Tomorrow we will be figuring out how to get it to Steve’s family.

The little action figure in the photo (to the left of the giraffe) was “Steve Irwin” in Skylar’s animal adventures.  We frequently hear Skylar say “Crickey” while he plays.  Oh – that’s why we were talking about him last night… the figure of “Steve” was on the dinner table & I remember Chris asking Skylar what he was doing here.  Of course, Skylar went into saying “Crikey” a lot while he moved him off the table and into the living room.

The picture on the left shows Steve riding in a submarine (with an alligator) to view the stingrays.  The boat on the top has a red cross on it – to be there in case of any emergency.  I think Skylar was trying to come up with a better scenario than what actually happened.

This is the first time that someone that Skylar admired so much has passed away.  He asked about Steve’s children and details about the accident.

I’m terribly sad for Steve’s family – his wife and children – how devastating. My thoughts are with them.

But also sad for Skylar… to have to try and process this information at eight years old. 

I felt it appropriate to show the tribute that Skylar made for Steve’s memory.  The pictures that Skylar drew… and then placed very carefully and surrounded by animals. 


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5 Responses to A Tribute – by an 8 year old – to Steve Irwin

  1. Lana says:

    What a sweet thing to do by you guys!!!!

  2. Kimberly says:

    Jen, I think Skylar is the sweetest little boy on the planet. His tribute is SO moving….SO touching. Wow. You have one special little boy. How awesome of you to send to Steve’s wife and children. It is really really sad….and what Skylar did is just so awesome. You should be so proud of him!!! I’m in awe…

  3. island jen says:

    awww…this is so sweet jen!! your family has such a good heart!

  4. medreamcatcher says:

    Very nicely done Skylar, at a tough time for so many as yourself.

    Jen – you and your family will always remain fabulously fantastic. Be Well.

  5. lisavc says:

    I’m australian and have just finished watching the memorial service for steve and then I find this. I’m so touched by what your young man did here, tell him thank you from me, I love the pictures, I love the animals and ‘steve’ all set up, I’m in tears as I write this, it’s a great loss to us, I love to hear about how the rest of the world appreciated him too.

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