Next Round?

Tomorrow the layouts for Last Scrapper Standing, Round 3 will be posted on Two Peas.  I’ve had my layout finished for a couple of days now and can’t wait to post it.  It’s all about CIRCLES.  Once you have an assignment, you start seeing these things ALL over the freakin’ place.  And even though my layout is finished, I keep wondering if I did the right thing.  I guess we’ll find out soon enough. 

So last week I’m at kickboxing class.  Yes, I’m still going.  I missed a couple of weeks, but am back in the groove. (although – I don’t think anyone else would think I am in any sort of groove if they saw me kickboxing)

Anyway… another person from the hotel decided to join us for the class.  I was joking (sort of) with this person and said something like, “OH great, another person that I work with will see how much of a fool I make of myself while trying to kickbox.”

Thirty minutes later we’re kickboxing and the teacher is trying to get us to do this combination – jab, jab, elbow, elbow, kick, kick, move and I’m totally lost.  Not to mention he’s doing everything in a mirror and I already have enough trouble remembering my left from my right that I’m no where near doing anything that resembles what he’s doing.  I see my friend turn around and wave.  I look back and see a manager from the hotel who was doing a site visit at the YMCA for a client. I wanted to sink into the bouncy rubber floor. 

Is that irony?  Or just plain comedic fodder?

Two days later the three of us are walking over to the Y for class.  My friend says, “Oh, I was telling GM about our kickboxing class and he says he wants to try it.”  I look at her and say, “I DON’T WANT MY BOSS SEEING ME KICKBOX!!!” — through gritted teeth.

That night at Yoga class (after kickboxing – sooooo good) we’re down on our hands and knees.  We have our left hand out and our right leg extended trying to balance.  Me?  I topple over.  Bllooop. I fall right down.  I don’t think anyone noticed though.  (that’s what I keep telling myself) And I think… yeah, this is exactly what I want my BOSS to see. 

My boss brings it up the other day while at lunch… he says he’s going to go and I’m telling him, “No, no… you don’t want to do that.  Really.  It’s HARD. You won’t like it.”  He can see I’m visibly uncomfortable so he totally eggs me on and says that he’s going, he needs to kickbox… won’t this be fun… blah, blah.  Then I threaten to kickbox HIM.

I don’t think he’s going to show up tonight and I certainly don’t plan on reminding him.  That’s really the last thing I need OR want.  I embarrass myself enough as it is (can we say Pirate Jokes) – I don’t need more visuals to go along with it. 


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Non-Profit HR Director, Scrapbooker, Reader, TV Lover, and Crafter. Also, Neurotic, Sarcastic, Anxiety-filled Mom of Three.
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3 Responses to Next Round?

  1. mIcHeLlE-o says:

    Can’t wait to see what you have in store for us with round 3 of LSS. You have done amazing with it Jen. I wouldn’t want to hang out with my boss after work even if it wasn’t kickboxing. Have fun and don’t get to sore.

  2. Tawnya says:

    I think that you are doing great by even going to a kickboxing class. Girl I cant even get off the couch. Yupper that is me and my life.. couch girl. Ok, I may have to get up earlier and walk tomorrow… ok… I will try

  3. RitasCottage says:

    you’re very funny Jen! and your page today was UNBELIEVABLE. you are so standing this next round. SO STANDING. I’d put money on it. who’s taking money???? lol.

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