Coffee smells better…

… when it’s in the cup. Not when it’s ON my pants…and my silk blouse…and laptop… and desk… and papers… and stapler… business cards…and post-it notes. Crap.

And it was a damn good tasting cup of coffee too!! 


That little fiasco seriously decreased my motivation to get anything else done. 

And it’s not time to go home yet.

And it is too late to have another cup of coffee so that I’ll get to sleep tonight.

Speaking of sleep… I really need to stop dreaming about work and the people that work here.  Last night’s dream is seriously going to stick with me for a while & that is NOT a good thing. <<shiver>> Plus, it makes me feel like I’ve been at work longer than I’ve really been at work.  Know what I mean?

But how could I possibly sleep knowing that tomorrow the names of those who made it to *Round Two* of Last Scrapper Standing will be revealed!  Yes – I entered… because I’m really into self-torture…and I’m also a teensy-bit competitive.  Just a TEENSY BIT, dammit!  


About jensmack

Non-Profit HR Director, Scrapbooker, Reader, TV Lover, and Crafter. Also, Neurotic, Sarcastic, Anxiety-filled Mom of Three.
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3 Responses to Coffee smells better…

  1. Julie Martinez says:

    sorry about the coffee…between you me and Island Jen one of us should make it through! (and I’m not betting on me!)

  2. islandjen says:

    ooohhhh…not good!

    i’m sure you will advance, cuz you rawked the LSS!

  3. mIcHeLlE-o says:

    Know how you feel about the coffee thing, I spilled a 44 oz. Coke all over me on the way to work and had to come in looking like a soaked rat. SUCKS!!! Not sure if I’d want hot/cold spilled on me. Regarding the LSS entry, yours was amazing Jen. I loved it and it’s OK to be a teensy bit comp.

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