What NOT to do when preparing to travel by air…

Yes – it’s midnight. I was laying in bed and remembered that I want to check-in for my flight tomorrow night.  It’s pretty cool that you can check-in via your computer, print a boarding pass, and skip all that BS when you get to the airport.  (unless you have to check a bag… then you’re S.O.L.)

Anyway… I have to choose my seat.  I decide on an aisle seat.  I always debate (inside my head with one of the many voices) about whether or not I want window or aisle.  On the way here I was by the window and completely envious of the guy on the aisle that had all of that fresh AIR and elbow room and ability to get out of the row before me. When I’m on the aisle I’m jealous of the guy who can lean on the window and look out at whatever is below.  I decide on the aisle for tomorrow – it’ll be dark and there won’t be anything fun to see and I’d rather have the elbow room and fresh air. Right? Right.

Then I start to wonder to myself, which row is considered the Emergency Exit because those seats have more leg room – albeit more responsibility…but the leg room is totally worth it. 

There is no info on the Air Tran website about where the emergency exits are located. (they should, btw) I decide to google the type of airplane and see if I can find it myself.  That way I’ll have plenty of time to change my seat.  (Atlanta to Orlando flights are pretty crowded, in my experience)

DON’T GOOGLE AIRPLANES – especially if you have only recently been able to get on planes without any sort of sedation (cocktails, prescriptions, both.. whatever).

On the first website that I choose to visit, it lists the features of the plane (except the emergency exits) and all of it’s DISASTERS. 

Freakin’ great. 

I decided NOT to click on that link.  I immediately got off that site and decided that my seat was fine – leg room or not.

It also reminded me of my friend Jo.  When I first started traveling and was absolutely petrified of flying (see above note about medication) she gave me some really good advice.  She said that the chances of something happening to me while I was flying was slim. 

And if it did, I’d be knocked unconscious as soon as the plane lost pressure and I wouldn’t feel a thing.

That’s Jo… ever the realist.  Thanks Josie. 🙂  

And that’s what I’ll be falling asleep to tonight…  it’s 12:12.  My alarm will be going off at 6:45.  I have training ALL DAY until 5pm and my flight is at 9:30. 

Please wish me unconsciousness… now – so I can get some sleep… 

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Non-Profit HR Director, Scrapbooker, Reader, TV Lover, and Crafter. Also, Neurotic, Sarcastic, Anxiety-filled Mom of Three.
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One Response to What NOT to do when preparing to travel by air…

  1. Julie Martinez says:

    yes, this goes right up there with not trying to self-diagnose yourself (or your children) through web md. Turns out I should be dead.

    good luck on the flight tomorrow! Get home safe!

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