Free HR Advice

When you send emails to a prospective employer, PLEASE consider your email address.  Here are some REAL email address from people who have wanted to work here:

  • Fantasy_Frank@…. (um, really? no thanks)
  • Sexy_D06@…. (how can I take you seriously with this email?)
  • TinyGeorge@…. (sorry for you)
  • DJMacDaddy@….
  • betubustb4me69@…. (I don't understand this, but come on…)
  • luvispain@…. (oh great, this one will probably bring all their problems to work)
  • ILLNESS1980@…. (does this mean you like to call out sick a lot?)

And my FAVORITE REAL email address: <<drum roll please>>

  • nohardworkatall@…. (I didn't even bother opening this email.  I mean, why would I?)

These all came in within the last few weeks, by the way… I couldn't make this stuff up.  Some days my job is SO funny. 

About jensmack

Non-Profit HR Director, Scrapbooker, Reader, TV Lover, and Crafter. Also, Neurotic, Sarcastic, Anxiety-filled Mom of Three.
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One Response to Free HR Advice

  1. Julie Martinez says:

    yeah, we had an applicant with sexybabe69. “Lost” her application. At least mine sounds like an actual name!

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